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Dr. med. Henrich
ProVegan Stiftung


Saturday, end of the week for many, a day of rest and recreation but for us since a long time there are no more such days and on top, sleepless nights. The phone rings and at its end a voice of a desperate man who is letting us know that on a field near by a small city lies abandonad adog blind, without water, without food, with power triyng to hold on thinking that the one abandoning him will return to take him home, without thinking that he was left there to die of hunger, thirst, pain. Hearing this we panicked, we didn’t know what to do anymore, where to put him, we have dog at the clinic for which we don’t have place anymore but we couldn’t leave him there so we called our soul vet, Irina, who imediately agreed to take him over and treat her, because it is a „she“, a dog that will be operated on her eyes and we hope her sight will come back. We kindly ask you to be there for us with anything possible, any small donation, publicity, a share on FB. We thank you dear friends!

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