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Elie Wiesel: „Neutralität hilft dem Unterdrücker, aber niemals dem Opfer… Schweigen ermutigt den Peiniger, niemals den Gepeinigten.“

Das Bild zeigt den mutigen australischen Parlamentsabgeordneten Andrew Wilkie, der die Premierministerin Gillard nach den systematischen grausamen Tierquälereien bei den Lebendexporten der Tierindustrie fragt. Ausser leeren Standardphrasen (u. a. die Wichtigkeit der Tierquälerjobs für den Profit) hatte die Premierministerin nichts zu sagen, wie man dem Video unten selbst entnehmen kann. Trotzdem Danke an Andrew Wilkie!

Dies zeigt wieder einmal eindeutig, dass wir uns bei Tierschutz, Tierrechten und unserer eigenen Gesundheit niemals auf die Politik verlassen können. Zu eng ist die Politik mit der Tierindustrie verbunden. Die Tierindustrie selbst sitzt überall auf der Welt in den Parlamenten, stellt Minister, arbeitet Gesetze aus und betreibt mit riesigen Finanzmitteln Lobbyarbeit bei denen, die nicht aus der Tierindustrie kommen. Und sie betreibt sehr erfolgreich eine Manipulationsstrategie, so dass heute noch die Mehrheit der Menschen fatalerweise glaubt, dass Milch, Milchprodukte, Fleisch, Fisch und Eier gesund sind, obwohl genau das Gegenteil der Wahrheit entspricht.

Die einzige Chance die Welt trotzdem friedvoller zu machen und die grässliche Tierausbeutung zu beenden, ist die Information der Menschen über die positiven Auswirkungen der veganen Lebensweise. Deshalb ProVegan und die Vegan-Broschüre.

Werden Sie vegan. Es ist ganz einfach. Sie ändern lediglich Gewohnheiten. Es ist die wirksamste Methode um auf friedfertige Weise den wichtigsten Beitrag für Klima, Umwelt, Tiere, Menschen und die eigene Gesundheit zu leisten.

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"Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim..silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented."-Elie Wiesel

PICTURE:His name was "Jacob" he was one of the many young steer and cows who being exported (LIVE-EXPORT) by vessel from an Australian farm..for the destination on Egypt for to be slaughtered on a religious manner ritual called "Halal"(Btw supposed to be with an benediction and with compassion) for the local meat consumption..upon arrival he awaiting his fate in an "open abattoir" he has done nothing wrong and yet his eyes will be brutally stabbed by an cruel sadistic criminal boucher who has slashed first his leg tendons without any reason but for the sole purpose in order to inflict maximum pain and suffering and that the animal may not be able remain stable in Balance..Jacob, the Australian young bull filmed at an Egyptian open slaughterhouse last month, spent his last horrific many minutes of life having his eyes stabbed and his leg tendons slashed. He had been forced into an appallingly cruel slaughter box, from which, in panic, he escaped, trying to run on three legs because one was already broken. His throat has been slashed and he ran with his head almost hanging off. Jacob was a gentle, Western Australian Brahman innocent bull, who had done nothing wrong. He spent weeks on a Third World live export ship on his way to Egypt before facing this ultimate horror and depravity. this video (recorded with a smartphone supported by Animal Australia citizen for investigating where the offense was caught in the act) will remain for ever burn in my memory..!!!

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The shocking cruelty captured in Egypt’s Ismailia abattoir shows an injured Australian steer stabbed in the eyes, and disabled by having his leg tendons slashed another story in another abattoir in Sokhna (Egypt) shows the same sadistic pervert behavior on Australian exported farm animals.Animals Australia’s latest live export investigation on May 09-2013 revealed terrified animals making desperate efforts to escape after having their throats cut open; others with eyes stabbed; leg tendons slashed; and being butchered while still alive… This is the nightmare endured by animals who were exported live from Australia to the investigation video here:

I beg you citizen of the world and especially the your duty and take action! we must do everything we can to stop immediately these gruesome exports of terror into these underdeveloped countries where there is no rule of law protecting animals and where the government are corrupted and are closing their eyes and where the local authorities has no control over its people’s lack of empathy towards innocents animals ! it is not the first time it has happened (quite the contrary.. ! watch more infos on my link from my facebook page-link indicated below) First these poor animals are crammed in atrocious conditions on vessels for more than three weeks, where several succumb even before arrived at destination ..many of them are dying underway deprived from water & food and from stress ! and the ones who survived the trip .. upon arrival the worst hell nightmare begins ! !!enough is enough! we must abolish these export of torture In all these uncivilized countries and where most of them are ritual slaughtered "halal".

So far over 950,000 people signed the petitions requesting immediately the completely halt of such gruesome exports, please make an effort to achieve the goal of one million signatures ! i beg to all of you also the ones who are never signing petitions to make this time an exception and to sign & share massively these petitions in total there are 9 petitions and it takes less than 5 minutes to sign them all ! thank you in advance!


Some things are so obscene, and so depraved, that nothing can ever justify them, and the live animal export trade is absolutely one of those things.
Be careful what you wish for when you cast your vote at the September Federal election. A vote for the coalition will see even more support for the gross animal abuse seen throughout Animals Australia’s 19 investigations. Tony Abbott says ‘one of his first jobs will be to apologise to the Indonesians for the ‘catastrophic’ ban on the cattle trade’ there following the exposure of similar torture of our cattle shown on the ‘Four Corners’ program’A Bloody Business’ in May 2011. In this, the Gillard government and the Abbott coalition are as one.

Will Abbott and his sycophants also want to apologise to Egypt? Bahrain? Kuwait? Pakistan? Malaysia? And all the other countries to which Australia happily sends millions of innocent, gentle animals to be so heinously abused? Tony Abbott wants to make the all-but-meaningless ESCAS ‘more exporter friendly’, if that is indeed possible.

Jacob, the Australian bull filmed at an Egyptian slaughterhouse last month, spent his last horrific many minutes of life having his eyes stabbed and his leg tendons slashed. He had been forced into an appallingly cruel slaughter box, from which, in panic, he escaped, trying to run on three legs because one was already broken. His throat had been slashed and he ran with his head almost hanging off. Jacob was a gentle, Western Australian Brahman bull, who had done nothing wrong. He spent weeks on a Third World live export ship on his way to Egypt before facing this ultimate horror and depravity.

The evidence of the abuse first came from a courageous Egyptian veterinarian, Dr Abdelwahab, a man with seven years experience in Egyptian abattoirs. He expressed to Animals Australia that animal cruelty in Egypt is rife and that neither abattoir management nor on-site veterinarians intervene to stop cruel treatment. He said ‘this action happened yesterday, today, and it will happen tomorrow’. He described the facilities, claimed to be ‘state of the art’ by the Australian government and exporters, detailing the slaughterbox used there which turns the terrified animals upside down, often crushing their ribs and pelvises in the process.

How is it possible that Australian politicians from all the major parties, having seen the horror that we have seen, remain unmoved by what has so distressed 84% of decent, hardworking Australians? We have seen similar evidence from Egypt in 2003 and 2006, 2010 and in 2012, the Egyptians objected to Australian cattle arriving in that country with hormone growth promotants in their ears. The solution? The Egyptians wanted to chop the ears off the cattle BEFORE they killed them. 3,000 cattle remain in Egyptian feedlots awaiting slaughter, are they all to go the same way as Jacob? It would seem so, with nothing to protect them. And still Australian exporters want to send animals there.

***Let us never forget ‘Tommy’, the innocent steer filmed in Indonesia in 2011, trembling with terror as he watched other cattle being butchered alive, and the eye-stabbing and tendon slashing that is apparently the preferred method for ‘bringing down’ Australian cattle in so many of these countries. That brought about the Ludwig ‘Exporter Supply Chain Assurance Scheme’, which did nothing to protect a single animal from abuse. Since then we have seen horrific treatment of our animals in Turkey, Israel, Indonesia, Pakistan, Mauritius, Malaysia and Kuwait.The fact is that other countries just haven’t yet been caught. And it has almost entirely been identified and reported by Animals Australia, a not-for-profit charity.

Please watch the video here :Indonesia back in 2011 (The fate of these poor bull’s Brian & "Tommy")

AND PLEASE WATCH : last year in 2012 in a random undercover investigation in 3 Indonesian abattoir,again a steer was stabbed in his eyes with a metal wire !!! he tries desperately to escape… please watch!

And how can we ever forget the dreadful fate of the 22,000 Australian sheep who, it was claimed, were rejected by Bahrain with the excuse of ‘scabby mouth disease’? These sheep were subjected to a further journey to Pakistan, for which the Exporter, Wellards, managed to secure ESCAS approval almost overnight. As the facts appear in this, Bahrain did not in fact reject the sheep. The Ministry directed that between 2 and 7 sheep were to be destroyed on the ship, the M/V Ocean Drover, then the rest could have been unloaded. So why were they sent to Pakistan at all? Even more extraordinary is the fact that an ‘ Australian Authorised Officer’ in Perth apparently signed a health certificate for these sheep approximately 29 days after they had left Australia. We certainly haven ‘t forgotten what happened to those sheep in Pakistan – they were stabbed and clubbed and buried alive, only to be dug up alive from trenches to be stabbed again until they were finally, and mercifully, dead. Prime Minister Julia Gillard requested an explanation from the Pakistani government, but so far as we know none has been forthcoming. Ms Gillard continues to maintain that the live export industry is to be actively promoted.

Animals Australia filed a complaint to DAFF of Australian sheep being openly sold at an ESCAS banned, notoriously cruel, market in Kuwait, the Al Rai market, last August. When no action was taken, it filed more complaints about the same matter. DAFF has just concluded that investigation, finding against three exporters, Emanuel Exports, International Livestock Exports and EMS Rural Exports. They have been directed to employ ‘Supply Chain Assurance Officers’ in Kuwait. That is all. Emanuel Exports and its sister company ILE, which share the same directors, are multiple repeat offenders. The name Graham Daws appears almost monotonously in investigations.

Immediately after the revelations from Egypt, from two separate sources and investigations, Animals Australia uncovered multiple breaches of Ludwig’s ‘rules’ in Malaysia, involving cattle and goats. The reality for Australian goats is that they are mostly wild, terrified, and rounded up for export, the majority to Malaysia. Animals Australia provided evidence to the regulator of goats being hog-tied, put in bags, and thrown into car boots for lengthy journeys in hot and cramped conditions to be slaughtered pretty much by anyone who wanted to. The film footage is pitiful.

In October last year, a shipment of cattle left Geraldton for Mauritius. It against the law to slaughter pregnant animals in Mauritius, and the voyage on the M/V Barkly Pearl was reported as being a rough one with heavy seas. An Australian veterinarian, one Dr David Morrell of the Broome Animal Hospital, certified that none of the cattle was pregnant and/or that they had been spayed ‘according to the regulations’. Dr Morrell claims in his ’bio’ to be a cattle specialist, with particular expertise in pregnancy testing. Two of the cattle gave birth to calves in the ship and a substantial number was found to be pregnant upon arrival. 65 were subsequently found dead at a feedlot there, allegedly poisoned. The captain of the M/V Barkly Pearl filed false declarations with the Mauritian authorities stating that there were no mortalities on board the ship when there had been (at least) 18, but because he did not similarly lie to the Australian authorities, nothing can be done about that. Animals Australia sent a veterinarian to Mauritius, and he described the slaughter of the cattle as in violation of ESCAS, using traditional roping methods.

In not a single case has the regulator, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, taken any significant action against an exporter, no matter how serious the ‘breach’ or how horrific the abuse. On its website, DAFF records ’incidents’ as being minor, major or critical, and for a major breach an exporter can be ordered to employ a ‘Supply Chain Officer’ or an ‘Animal Welfare Officer. Nothing more than that, even for multiple repeat offences. It has yet to complete its ‘investigation’ into the Bahrain Pakistan matter from last August and September. The term ‘isolated incidents’ has been so over-used it seems to be giving way to the word ‘anomaly’.

Last Thursday, in the House of Representatives, Independent Member for Denison Andrew Wilkie courageously stood up in Parliament with this picture of ‘Jacob’ and demanded some answers from Prime Minister Gillard, who could only reiterate that the government’s system is ‘working’. Andrew’s questioning of the government can be seen here, as well as the totally predictable and fatuous response of the Prime Minister claiming that this evil, disgraceful trade in wretched animal misery and suffering has a ‘social licence’.


PLEASE WATCH ALSO THE "FALSE and HYPOCRITICAL" excuses and denies of the local market abbatoirs in Egypt,and The Egyptian government, however, denies the accusations, and has carried out inspections of abattoirs alleged to have been involved. Al Jazeera’s Nicole Johnston reports from Ismailia
a Report from Al-Jazeera


TO MY AUSTRALIAN FRIENDS ! coalition ‘wannabes’ will be even worse.Your PM Julia Gillard IS A REAL CRAP ! defending the "Live Export" for the large number of so-called "jobs" in this sector.. !! means jobs at any cost.. is the priority ?? "JOBS" FOR BLOOD & CRUELTY IN THIS CIVILIZED CENTURY IS TOLERATED ??? !!! that moron is the shame of Australia !!!!!!

please demand that your current Federal MPs and Senators do whatever it takes to bring down this trade. But also take it up with coalition candidates as well, because their agenda is to EXPAND this morally bankrupt industry. Don’t be fooled by the argument that if Australia withdraws from the trade the animal abuse will be even worse, because if millions of Australian animals are nor put on the rotten old ships, that is millions of animals saved – and that many less animals subjected to this horrific and systemic torture. No other countries can supply the volume of animals Australia does.

Don’t buy the argument that the ‘cattle in the north are starving;’ either. If these people have bred thousands of animals for this trade which is going nowhere if the Australian people are heard by their government, then they are obligated to feed and care for them. If they don’t, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as anyone else would be. Their failure to respond to market forces is their fault and no-one else’s, and there is no more subsidised and privileged sector in the community than the ever-complaining farmers.

Most importantly, make your vote count!