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Dr. med. Henrich
ProVegan Stiftung


During my childhood I was very active, fit, muscular and even played professional football in the local league. By the age of 18, I joined the navy and served for 3 years. At 21 I started my university studies and gained weight rapidly. Ten years later by the age of 31, my weight was about 115 kg (I am 170cm tall). That was already termed obesity. I developed severe diabetes and connected to that suffered from severe coronary heart disease.

In 2002 I met Dr. Henrich and became aware of the vegan diet. However, I continued to eat meat. In June 2006, being in contact with Dr Henrich and becoming more and more aware of the suffering of animals, I decided to go the vegetarian route. At that point I was still seriously obese.

In November 2011 I had heart surgery (4 bypasses). At that point I finally understood that the vegetarian diet was not enough. Dr. Henrich recommended that I follow the writings of Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr Caldwell Esselstyn and in any case to commit to a complete vegan way of life. Since November 2011 I have maintained a purely vegan diet and consume about 500 ml of green juice daily.

I have lost 30 kg and now weigh 78 kg. I managed to transform most of the fat into muscle and my goal is to lose another 3-5 kg during this year. I will continue to study the topics of – EAT – MOVE – SLEEP as they are closely linked and have had a great impact on my overall results.

Vegan nutrition is by far the healthiest alternative and combining it with exercise and meditative activities makes one younger more vital and happier. I am now 62 years old and feel as if I am in my mid-forties. It is a fantastic feeling!

***My cardiologist prescribed the following medication: beta blockers, anti cholesterol pills, aspirin, other blood thinners, insulin injections and in the last two years as a result of the overall vegan change in my lifestyle I do not need to take any more prescription medication. I have replaced all my medication with nutritional supplements and total vegan lifestyle.”